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So, have you ever considered how getting more involved in your community can help grow your business?

Although there are few genuine win-win scenarios in this world, supporting your local community can create amazing potential for business development. Here’s a guide on how helping your community can simultaneously help your business grow.


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Brand Awareness

Supporting your community means others get to know you and what you do.

Consequently, without even trying, awareness of your brand increases locally and often further afield too. For example, you might volunteer to tidy up a local public area or donate a product or service to a charity auction. Alternatively, you might be asked to man a stand or hand out flyers at a local event.

Not only are these actions often fun and help worthwhile causes, they also make you feel good about what you’ve helped achieve. However, the benefits to your business can be significant too! Any printed material or media coverage supporting these events often bring an opportunity for your name to be included as a thank you.


Customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Some of your existing customer base are likely to be part of the same community as you. Consequently, interacting with those customers in such a different environment will allow you to develop those relationships. Furthermore, business associations may even evolve into friendships.

Helping a good cause and supporting your local community is a bonding experience for sure. Moreover, your personality and values will be clear for all to see. As such, improving customer relations in such a way will enable your business to grow and flourish.


So, we all know how valuable networking can be for your business. Building relationships with like-minded individuals is what networking is all about, after all. Therefore, getting to know those in your community with a common goal can only help promote your business.

Moreover, having the same sense of pride in serving the community is a unique and bonding experience. Without the pressure of a sales pitch, finding out more about others’ businesses and needs is a great way to build both personal and business relationships. Whilst these might take time to flourish, helping in your community will enable people to get to know you and more importantly, trust you.


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Social Media Content

Getting involved with your community is a great way to build a whole host of content and PR opportunities. For instance, posts on Facebook and Instagram about community projects and events are of real interest to people. Equally interesting is how you’re involved and helping in your community.

Therefore, such a pool of fabulous content for social media and blogs brings higher engagement and awareness so is a real win-win situation.


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This blog was produced in collaboration with:

  1. Court of Protection Solicitors: Thaliwal and Veja
  2. Student Accommodation Leicester: Brink Riley