How I can help

Who I Work With

I’m Pamela Sharpe, the business brain behind Mela & Sharpe. In a nutshell, I will help you get investment ready.

Without doubt in business, the most enjoyable people to work with are start-ups and SMEs who are seeking investment and funds to launch their business or take their ventures to the next level.

Those people are enthusiastic, determined and ready to embrace great ideas.

Could I be talking about you?

Are  you raising £50K – £2M?

I’ve got the access to those great ideas you crave, and will help you galvanise your brand, create your pitch deck, and put forward a well-structured business case to put you in the best possible position to get the funding and investment you deserve.

But which category do you fall into?

Ready to fundraise?
You have done the work, you have the traction, the numbers tally up and have all your ducks in a row – you have the wings and just need some wind beneath them. You are ready to take your start up/SME to the next level of funding but need some help navigating the private equity landscape. Fundraising is no easy feat – it can take months of preparation! I can help you identify the most appropriate fundraising route for your business, business stage and growth ambition, build a road map and draw out an exciting proposition that will excite investors.

Pitch Deck Review Service
You have your pitch deck ready, legal papers filed away and all your due diligence bits and bobs neatly filed away in your folder – you are ready to fire off! You would like some expert feedback and advice before you start reaching out to your network and investors. I will run a deep analysis and review of your pitch deck and you will receive custom feedback on your pitch deck. This ensures any and all potential ‘red flags’ that investors might pick up on are rooted out, all your numbers make sense, you have all the important slides in place and mostly, your venture is in the best position to go out and seek investment – and mostly give you the peace of mind that your venture and deck is in top form. 

Investor Readiness Analysis 
Your business is up and running, but you want to take it to the next level. You’ve tried all the seminars, the five day free challenges and the business books, but you’ve not yet found something that works for you to give you the confidence and knowledge you want and need to get investment ready for your business growth. I will have an in-depth overview of your business and business model and pin point the areas that need work, for example building an MVP and ways you can build one, getting traction, building a team etc. This will ensure your business is in the best shape to start preparing to approach investors and also helps you identify the scalability of your venture and if private equity is the right route for you.

How I Can Help...

Whichever camp you fall into, I’ll help you to create what I like to call a growth road map. I’ll help you clearly explain your business ideas or ambitions to investors and lenders, and will work with you to construct a persuasive pitch that both informs and excites those looking to put their money and support behind something truly special. Put it this way, they’re going to have a tough time saying no to you!

I’m going to work with you to bolster your business plan, brand proposition and fool-proof your financial forecasts with clear language and meaningful visuals, so that you’re ready to face investors or to get crowdfunding-ready. I can’t wait to explore your options and make some great introductions!

Every business I work with is different – and I mean the people, not just the projects. I’ll make the most appropriate suggestions, plans and introductions for you, and will make sure that you leave our work together in a position where your value proposition is strong, memorable and investable.

I will work with you 1-on-1  to get you investment ready and secure the funding you deserve. After working with me, you will be confident and ready to pitch your business proposal or work on your goals to become investment ready.